We Speak Southern, Souvenir Home Decor Gift Tile Design
We Speak Southern, Souvenir Home Decor Gift Tile Design

"We Speak Southern," Souvenir Home Decor Gift Tile

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Distinctive Design's, "We Speak Southern," Gift Tile is the perfect gift or conversation piece for anyone who hails from The South or whose family does.  This tile also would make a great souvenir of a vacation to The South, too. 
  • The heading says, "We Speak Southern," and includes the following colloquialisms: Bless Your Heart!, Too Big For Your Britches, Pitch a Hissy Fit, Well, I Reckon, Cook Up A Mess Of, Steppin' in High Cotton, Plumb Tuckered Out, Have Your Druthers, High Fallutin', All Tore Up Over it, Actin' Ugly, Eat Up With It, Make A Ruckus, We're Burnin' Daylight. Got a Hankerin' For, Over Yonder, Mad as a Wet Hen, All Y'all, I'm Fixin' To, Stompin' Grounds.  
  • Thie tile is 6"x6" in size, is off-white in color.
  • This product comes with a FREE easel so it can be displayed easily.

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