Uptown New Orleans, Souvenir Home Decor Gift Tile Design
Uptown New Orleans, Souvenir Home Decor Gift Tile Design

"Uptown New Orleans," Souvenir Home Decor Gift Tile

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Distinctive Design's, "Uptown New Orleans," Gift Tile is a salute to the many aspects of Uptown New Orleans that make it such a unique place.
  •  6"x6" in size, the tile itself is off-white in color and comes with a FREE easel.  
  • Included in this collage is the heading "Uptown New Orleans," & the collage includes Froste Top, Holy Name, Camelia Grill, Sacred Heart, McGhee's, Monkey Hill, Shannahan's, William's Sno-Balls, Mercy Academy, Newman, Tulane, Fanarking, The Butterfly, Valencia, Langenstein's, Audobon Park, Tuck's. Domelice's, Cooter Brown's, Fat Harry's, Flame 'N Burger, K & B, Danneel Park.  
  • A graphic of a New Orleans street lamp is included in the design.  
  • The perfect gift for anyone who hails from Uptown, or wishes to remember a memorable visit there.
  • Also great for those who attended Loyola.

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