Speak Southern To Me, Home Decor Souvenir Gift Tile Design
Speak Southern To Me, Home Decor Souvenir Gift Tile Design

"Speak Southern To Me," Home Decor Souvenir Gift Tile

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Distinctive Design's, "Speak Southern To Me," Souvenir Tile celebrates the many colorful colloquialisms & phrases used among Southern folks across The South.  
  • 6"x6" in size, the tile itself is off-white in color and comes with a FREE easel, completing the gift.  
  • Sayings on this collage tile: Ugly As Homemade Sin, High on the Hog, Off Kilter, Lickety Split, Conniption Fit, Diddly Squat, Caddywampus, Smack Dab, Cute As A Button, Sight For Sore Eyes, You Would Argue With A Fence Post, Y'all Ain't Right, Thank You Kindly, Discombobulated, Preachin' to the Choir, Doohicky, Knee-High to a Grasshopper, Nuttier Than a Fruitcake, Full as a Tick, Older Than Dirt, For Cryin' Out Loud, Well Hush My Mouth, Hotter Than Blue Blazes, That Beats All I've Ever Seen, What In Tarnation?  
  • It never fails that when people see this tile design, a conversation ensues over who's heard of which ones, who's family or Grandparent said the various phrases & who all still says them now.  
  • Given as a gift or souvenir, this is a unique surprise, especially for that hard-to-buy-for someone on your gift-giving list.  
  • You cannot go wrong with, "Speak Southern To Me."

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