"In the South We," Souvenir Home Decor KItchen Tea Towel Designs
"In the South We," Souvenir Home Decor KItchen Tea Towel Designs

"In the South We," Home Decor KItchen Tea Towel

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Distinctive Design's, "In The South We," Home Decor Kitchen Tea Towel is the perfect gift for anyone who hails from the South or for those who have moved away but need to take a bit of the South with them.

  • This quality tea towel is 18"x28" and is made from a 100% flat-weave cotton with a 4-sided hem and a hanger loop. 
  • A colorful banner is pictured at the top with the caption, "In the South, We."
  • Included in this collage are the various things we do in the South that sets us apart: Listen to Mama, Sit on Porches, Live Simply, Go FIshing, Drink Sweet Tea, Fry Up Chicken, Know Our Neighbors, Fly the Flag, Own Guns, Have Tire Swings, Love Like Crazy, Eat Bar-B-Que, Monogram Everything, Wear Pearls, Count Our Blessings, Have Gravy With Our Biscuits, Respect Our Elders, Football Football Football, Write Thank-You Notes, Say Grace, Bless Hearts, Move A Little Slower, Say Hey Y'all, Laugh A lot, Wave At Strangers, Wear Flip Flops, Will Make You A Casserole, Catch Lightening Bugs, Love Jesus, Go Hunting, Mind Our Manners, Eat Grits.
  • Graphics pictured include: flip flops, heart, tire swing, football, sweet tea, an American flag, and a cross.
  • A very affordable present and just-right as a hostess gift.
  • The perfect gift for Southern folks, no matter where they may roam.

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