"In New Orleans, "Souvenir Home Decor Gift Tile Design
"In New Orleans, "Souvenir Home Decor Gift Tile Design

In New Orleans, We, Souvenir Home Decor Gift Tile

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Distinctive Design's, "In NOLA We" Souvenir & Gift Tile, celebrates the many unique and wonderful things about the culture of New Orleans.  From "Mr. Bingle" to "Riverboat Cruises" and "Celebrating Mardi Gras," New Orleans has been a special place since the first Acadian people sailed into her harbor, over three hundred years ago.  
  • Also included in the design are:  Visit The Dome, Yell, Who Dat!, Eat Our Po-Boys "Dressed" (meaning with everything on them), cross the Causeway,  Ride Streetcars, Make Groceries, Go To City Park, Ask "Where Y'at?," Have Red Beans & Rice On Mondays, Eat Roman Candy, Cook Gumbo, Have Jazz Funerals, Eat King Cake & Find The Baby, Make Roux, Put Bags Over Our Heads, Have Crawfish Boils.  
  • Many colorful graphics are included to tell the New Orleans story.
  • This is the perfect gift for anyone from New Orleans or a fantastic souvenir from a visit there.  
  • Anyone whp has moved away from NOLA & who wants to take a little piece of home with them would love this.

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