In Cajun Country, Souvenir Decor Kitchen Tea Towel Design
In Cajun Country, Souvenir Decor Kitchen Tea Towel Design

"In Cajun Country," Souvenir Decor Kitchen Tea Towel

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Distinctive Design's, "In Cajun Country," Souvenir Home Decor Tea Towel is a great souvenir because it depicts many of the unique things about Cajun country that sets it apart from, well, everywhere else.  The Cajun way of life is a special one that we want to preserve.  A perfect gift or souvenir if you have Acadian heritage, are from Louisiana or have moved away but want to take some Louisiana culture with you.  
  • The towel is 18"x28" and is made from a 100% flat-weave cotton with a 4-sided hem and a hanger loop.
  • Available in your choice of vintage retro-stripes of royal blue, red, turquoise, black or multi-color stripes.  These stripes run along the long side of the towel.
  • The caption is, "In Cajun Country, We: Have Crawfish Boils, Speak French, Celebrate Mardi Gras, Hunt Alligators, Eat Boudin, Go Frog Giggin', Are Ragin'Cajuns, Fear the Rougarou (a shapeshifting swamp monster), Have Joie de Vivre, Make Roux, Pass A Good Time, Have Cypress Swamps, Swat Mosquitoes, Listen To Cajun Music, Row Pirogues, Cook Gumbo, Play Bourre', Are Storytellers, Laissez le Bon Temps Rouler (Let the good times roll) & Fais Do Do (A Cajun get-together, a dance).  
  • One of our newest designs, which we just love.
  • A little more about Cajun Country:

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