Here are just a few of the testimonials and compliments we have received over the years.  We will add to them as we remember more and as new ones come in...  We will never forget to keep our product standards exceptionally high so that we will continue to hear these kind words again & again!


-I first met you at a craft show and bought from you.  Later I saw your products in Rouses in Lafayette and purchased some there. I've been searching for you for years at different festivals with vendors and have had my relatives looking all over shows too, to see if we could find you!  I'm so glad I found your website! I think I actually screamed when I found it! My sister-in-law is going to be so excited to receive the tile! Of course, I had to buy an extra one and tea towels to go with them! Thank you again! Have a very Merry Christmas! You definitely made mine very Happy!!!! -B Domangue

-Thank you for offering such great products.   J. Casanova

-My order just went through online.  Thank y'all for great products!!!    S. Crooks

-I am so glad to see that your products are in Rouses!  Now we can buy your stuff anytime!    Craft Show Customer

-It seems like our orders just keep growing and growing, getting larger.....  When do you think this order can be ready?   L. Fraser

-This is the lady right here who does all the towels we love, bringing new designs right now!   E. Schell

-We love doing business with this company! -D. Morrison

-We love all the Southern-isms you use on your products.  What conversation pieces!   Craft Show Customer

-Thank you for taking what I saw in my head and making it a reality.  I love it!  -S. Cage

-Who designs all this?  Whoever it is, I really like your gifts.   Telephone Customer

-I'm glad you haven't left yet.  I am just now getting a minute away from my booth to look for you.  I wanted to get over here and buy your products for my Christmas gift giving.  They are all so unique!   Fellow Craft Show Vendor

-The guy that has the AirB&B where I am staying during this show came up here last night and saw some of your Mardi Gras things.  He loved them & wants to give them as Christmas gifts.  He wants me to give you this order and he will pay me when I bring them & I will bring you the money.  Is that OK?  J. Greene, Freind and Fellow Craft Show Vendor

-Thank you so much for all your help!  You guys are awesome.  -R. Skinner

-I really like that you can name drop the name of our city, beach, or even our hotel on your stock designs and make something totally unique.  -J. Hicks

-We are selling your stuff really well and need to reorder.  -Wholesale Customer

-We love the quality of your products.  Thank you!  -Wholesale Customer

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