Crowley Louisiana, Souvenir Home Decor Gift Tile Design
Crowley Louisiana, Souvenir Home Decor Gift Tile Design

Crowley, Lousiana Souvenir Home Decor Gift Tile

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Distinctive Design's, "Crowley, LA," Home Decor Gift Tile salutes all the things that make Crowley such a unique South Louisiana town. In the heart of Acadiana, it's the "Rice Capital of the World," & the host of the "International Rice Festival.
  • 6"x6" in size, the tile itself is off-white in color and comes with a FREE easel, completing the gift.
  • The fonts are jet black and a fleur de lis graphic is pictured, citing the French heritage of the area.
  • Also included in the collage are: Est. 1887, Mardi Gras, Historic District, Blue Rose Museum, Cajun Prairie, Grand Opera House of the South, Crawfish, Acadia Parish, Rice Capital of America, Art Gallery, Miller Stadium, Cajun Country, Victorian Homes, Cajun Cuisine, Carnival d' Acadie, Zydeco, Crystal Rice Heritage Farm, Cajun Culture, J. D. Miller Recording Studio, Oak Trees.
  • A perfect gift for those who hail from Crowley.
  • A bit more about Crowley:

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