Cajun Cuisine, Souvenir Collage Kitchen Tea Towel Design
Cajun Cuisine, Souvenir Collage Kitchen Tea Towel Design

"Cajun Cuisine," Souvenir Collage Kitchen Tea Towel

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Distinctive Design's, "Cajun Cuisine," Souvenir Collage Kitchen Tea Towel has a red crawfish graphic prominently displayed and a collage of all the many spectacular Cajun Foods that Louisiana is SO FAMOUS for! If you don't love them all, how can you EVER go wrong with "Beignets," "Pain Perdu" (a French Toast type concoction, with powdered sugar), and who can forget our "Crawfish Boils?"
  • The towel is 18"x28" and is made from a 100% flat-weave cotton with a 4-sided hem and a hanger loop.
  • Available in your choice of vintage retro-stripes of royal blue, red, turquoise, black or multi-color stripes.  These stripes run along the long side of the towel.
  • These foods are also listed:: Etouffee, Sauce Piquant, Ponce, Seafood Gumbo, Crab Bisque, Jambalaya, Catfish Couvillion, Shrimp Creole, Red Beans & Rice, Andouille Sausage, Crawfish Pie, Corn Machoux, Fried Turkey, Blackened Redfish, Bread Pudding, Bouie, Dirty Rice, Tasso, Oyster Stew, Boudin, & Crawfish Boils.
  • Perfect for any foodie, people who are connoisseurs of Cajun cuisine & folks of French heritage.
  • This would be a great souvenir of a memorable visit to Cajun Country!

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