Broussard, Louisiana, Collage Souvenir Kitchen Tea Towel Design
Broussard, Louisiana, Collage Souvenir Kitchen Tea Towel Design

"Broussard, Louisiana," Collage Souvenir Kitchen Tea Towel

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Distinctive Design's, "Broussard, LA," Souvenir Kitchen Tea Towel celebrates the many things that make this quaint South Louisiana town so special. From the "Broussard Community Fair, " to, "Acadiana," or, "Main Street," if you are from Broussard, have ever lived there or have moved away and miss home, this tastefully beautiful towel is just perfect for your home.
  • The towel is 18"x28" and is made from a 100% flat-weave cotton with a 4-sided hem and a hanger loop.
  • Available in your choice of vintage retro-stripes of royal blue, red, turquoise, black or multi-color stripes.  These stripes run along the long side of the towel.
  • A black fleur de lis graphic is pictured in the design.
  • Also listed os: Est 1884, Ton's Drive-In, Gumbo, Cote Gelee. Morgan Street, Sacred Heart Church, Morvant's Grill III, Broussard Middle School, Towne Pharmacy, Crawfish, Cajuns, BYYA, St. Cecilia School Est 1909, Katharine Drexel, Arceneaux Park.
  • Official website of Broussard:

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