Bastrop, Louisiana, Collage Souvenir Kitchen Tea Towel Design
Bastrop, Louisiana, Collage Souvenir Kitchen Tea Towel Design

"Bastrop, Louisiana," Collage Souvenir Kitchen Tea Towel

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Distinctive Design's, "Bastrop, Louisiana," Kitchen Tea Towel celebrates all the things that make this quaint LA town so special. From "Snyder Museum," "Rose Theatre," or the historic "Courthouse Square," if you are a resident of Bastrop, once lived there or have fond memories of there, this would be the perfect gift or souvenir for you. A great conversation starter, too.
  • The towel is 18"x28" and is made from a 100% flat-weave cotton with a 4-sided hem and a hanger loop.
  • Available in your choice of vintage retro-stripes of royal blue, red, turquoise, black or multi-color stripes.  These stripes run along the long side of the towel.
  • A bold black fleur de lis graphic is pictured.
  • Also included in the collage are: Established 1857, Rose Theatre, Arts & Crafts Show, Southern Belles, Hospitality, cotton fields, cypress trees, hunting, Cajun, Creole & Country Cuisine, Sportsman's Paradise, Faith & Family FIrst, Sweet Tea, Farmer's Market, crawfish, Chemin-a-Haut State Park, Alligators, Morehouse Parish, fishing, front porches, Historical Sites, Gumbo, Handy Brake National Wildlife Refuge, Football.
  • The official website of Bastrop, LA:

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