-FORMS OF PAYMENT:   We accept all major credit & debit cards. We presently do not offer terms such as net 10 or net 30.  If your business or corporation can ONLY do business with terms, please contact us to discuss this.

-MINIMUM ORDERS FOR CUSTOM DESIGNS: We have no set-up fees at present, and we are trying to keep it that way. We do have minimums per item to offset the graphic proof stage of creating your custom products.  Please call us to discuss this or discuss it with your wholesale representative.  The minimums are easy for even small stores to meet.

 -PROTECTED ZIP CODES: We can offer protected zip codes. Contact us or your wholesale representative if you are interested in protecting your zip code

 -SHIPPING: We ship tiles via USPS Priority in regional boxes which is very economical. USPS large boxes can fit up to 20 tiles. USPS medium boxes hold up to 8 tiles. Towels ship UPS.

-LEAD TIMES: Generally, about 7-14 business days. The lead time until shipped depends on the following factors: if you are a new customer, if you have custom designs included, the size of your order, the time of year, and whether YOU are under a deadline. If you have an order needing to be rushed, give us a call & we will do our best to work with you. You will be given an ESTIMATE of the current lead time when you place your order. This is not a guarantee, but an estimate. We endeavor to get all orders out as soon as humanly possible. We look forward to doing business with you! 


-RETAIL MINIMUM ORDER:  You may order as little as 1 item 

-BULK ORDERS:  We do offer discounts for bulk and multi-item orders.  Please inquire via email: [email protected]

 -FORMS OF PAYMENT: All forms of credit cards are accepted. 

 -CUSTOM DESIGNS: Custom designs are available when 18 or more of one design is ordered, such as for family reunions, etc. 

 -SHIPPING: Depending on what you order, we ship via First Class Mail in padded envelopes or USPS Priority Regional boxes which is very economical.
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